Discovery Learning Center

Mission Statement

Discovery Learning Center's mission is to provide quality, accredited early childhood care and education in a supportive environment; that support extends to the children, their families, and their community. The goal of everyone working with the children is to help each child have more positive feelings about him/herself, including confidence in the ability to learn, increasing self-control, positive social relationships; and exploring new experiences, with the result of growing confident, competent, caring children.

To enable the achievement of the mission, Discovery Learning Center follows the curriculum guidelines listed below.

Philosophy is based on:

  • the child development theories of Erik Erickson, John Dewey, Arnold Gesell, Jean Piaget, and Lev Vygotsky.
  • the curriculum models of constructivism, project approach, storybook journey, Bank Street approach, and theme immersion.
  • developmentally appropriate practices.

Curriculum focuses on:

  • Emergent literacy
  • Character development and values
  • Conceptual knowledge
  • Science, Math, Social Studies beginning skills
  • Physical development
  • Aesthetic development

Standards followed include:

  • Colorado Department of Education Quality Standards for Early Childhood Programs
  • National Association for the Education of Young Children Accreditation Criteria
  • Proven, research-based, nationally accepted early childhood education standards

Core Components of our program:

  • Three Rules:
    • Take care of yourself
    • Take care of each other
    • Take care of Discovery
  • Professional and well-trained staff
  • Parent Involvement